Promoting Your New Bitcoin Business

Dec 13, 2013

So, you’ve made the choice to accept bitcoins for your business. Good choice! Now to target an audience of bitcoin enthusiasts. There are many websites which promote bitcoin-accepting services, and this post is made to be a directory of directories. Read along, join some bitcoin communities, and increase the links to your bitcoin website.


Bitcoin Talk

Cost: Free
Time: 1 day
Visibility: Medium-High

Specifically, the Service Announcements board. Bitcoin Talk is by far one of the biggest and oldest bitcoin communities and its members are the most experience with cryptocurrencies.

There is one catch-ya: new members can only bost in the Newbie boards until their rank increases. To skip this, post in this stickied thread with the name of your company and what it does and you will be whitelisted.


Cost: Free
Time: 5 minutes
Visibility: Low-High

Reddit’s official Bitcoin subreddit has nearly 90,000 subscribed readers at the time of posting. It is filled with bitcoin enthusiasts who won’t be scared to shoot your idea down or vote it up. The main rule is that you can only post one announcement per business, so time your post well with a catchy title. It will also help to post frequently in the subreddit to gain reputation and see how the general bitcoin community feels.

These subreddits are dedicated to building a database of bitcoin services and merchants but have low readership. Posting is fast and easy though, so it is worth the time. All posts must follow a specific format listed in the side bar: [NET]:[SERVICE]:NAME where [NET] indicates an online business, [SERVICE] indicates the type of service offered and NAME is the name of your business.


Cost: Free
Time: 5 minutes
Visibility: Medium

Disclaimer: I created BitTrust
A relatively new website which compiles Bitcoin businesses and services and allows users to rate them. Users have comparative choice and can look at other businesses within the same category to see which one is better to use. Add a business here.


Cost: 1% transaction fees
Time: 1 hour
Visibility: Low

BitPay maintains an active directory of websites which accept bitcoin, but to be listed you must register and use a BitPay account. Because of the low visibility, this is probably not worth it unless you’re using BitPay anyway (which I highly recommend).

Spend Bitcoins

Cost: Free for regular, >0.1 BTC for premium
Time: 5 minutes
Visibility: Medium

A directory of bitcoin merchants. Posting your business is free, but by making a donation of at least 0.1 BTC, your post may be upgraded to premium.

Cost: Free
Time: 10 minutes
Visibility: Medium

Bitcoin directory, free registration and submission. Comprehensive category organization.

Top Bitcoin Sites

Cost: Free
Time: 10 minutes
Visibility: Low

A computer algorithm automatically rates the top bitcoin websites. Free submission.

Cost: Free, $5/month featured listing
Time: 5 minutes
Visibility: Low

Cost: Free, 20 BTC featured listing
Time: 10 minutes
Visibility: Low

Cost: Free
Time: 5 minutes
Visibility: Low, listed in alphabetical order


Cost: Freemium
Time: Unknown
Visibility: Unknown

Bitcorati is an up-and-coming bitcoin directory. They are still in a closed beta at the time of posting, but their website looks nice.

Media Outlets

As with any media outlet, whether or not your story and business are published is up to the media channel itself. Write a good pitch!


The largest Bitcoin news website.

Bitcoin Magazine

The first and top bitcoin magazine, in print and digital.

Third Parties

Bitcoin PR Buzz

A commercial press-release service for announcing new bitcoin businesses. 0.9 BTC.

Last tips

Some last few tips to building links and gaining traction!

  • Become active in bitcoin communities! Especially /r/Bitcoin and Bitcoin Talk. Being an active member of these societies helps you gain a better understanding of the ecosystem.
  • Use bitcoins! The more you use bitcoins the more you will understand from a consumer point of view the barriers to making a transaction and what is done well/poorly.
  • Though not unique to cryptocurrency, tweet about it and use all the social media you can! #bitcoin gets a lot of love

Coming soon: A directory of directories of bitcoin directories.

Anwell Wang is a founder at BitTrust, a website that provides data on bitcoin services. Check it out.