A Short Rant

Jan 14, 2014

Today the Lake Washington School District had a short celebration for National Merit commended and semi-finalist scholars. I attended. I don’t mean to say that I am unhappy that I was in a position to attend this ceremony and I also don’t want to imply that this isn’t an honor to be proud of. It is. I just feel that these kinds of celebrations are indicative of the misdirection of our education system.

A couple weeks ago several students hosted an event to raise money for UNICEF. Why not celebrate their acts? Some students had the initiative to teach science concepts to the neighboring elementary school. Why not cheer them on? Last week students led the charge of an environmental-awareness week which has brought real change to the school’s recycling system. Why don’t they get a celebration?

The PSAT are some numbers that indicate potential success. But why not celebrate real, actual success when it’s happening right in front of you?